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Smowltech gana en el Venture On The Road de Bilbao

Smowltech wins Venture On The Road Bilbao

14.02.2020 600 veces
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Smowltech wins Venture On The Road Bilbao

The roadshow of SeedRocket and BStartup arrived on 13th February to the Innolab space in Bilbao to celebrate a new Venture On The Road event.

Ray Altabás, from SeedRocket, and Gabriel Martínez, from BStartup, welcomed the event partners Iraia Monteagudo, from Innolab, Arantza Saez de Okariz, from Grupo Init, Jorge González, from Demium, and Enrique de la Rica, from Dreamers Zone.

The four finalist startups were:

  • Be Metrics: startup that is based on the collection of information from industrial equipment with the objective of training #MachineLearning models as the core of predictive maintenance.
  • Smowltech: a continuous online user authentication system that uses an automatic facial recognition algorithm to verify user identity and detect incorrect behavior.
  • Kieto Parao: startup that offers educational game kits to take anywhere, beat the mobile and raise awareness about the importance of educating in the responsible use of screens.
  • ASIMOB Services: a company that offers a set of applications and services based on #InteligenciaArtificial and IoT, which help to identify and automatically point out roadside risk points.

Afterwards, Raul Jimenez, founder of Mi Nube, presented his keynote “Impatient in break-even and patient in growth”.

“This is my recommendation to entrepreneurs: first go through a large company in the sector in which you would like to work.”

After the deliberation of the jury, formed by Iraia Monteagudo, from Innolab Bilbao, Arantza Saez de Okariz, from the Init Group, Jorge González, from Demium, Enrique de la Rica, from Dreamers Zone, Laurent Arens, from BStartup, and Raul Jimenez from SeedRocket and Mi Nube, Smowltech won a place in the grand national final.

Thanks to all the attendees and collaborators, and see you at the next stop!