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Conoce las 10 startups invertidas por BStartup10 en 2018

Meet the 10 startups invested by BStartup10 during 2018

31.05.2019 845 veces
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Meet the 10 startups invested by BStartup10 during 2018

On the 15th May, the Banco Sabadell Tower Auditorium in Barcelona hosted the DemoDay of the startup support programme BStartup10. In this event, the ten companies that received investments during 2018 through the investment vehicle BStartup10 were unveiled. This initiative has so far invested 4.75m euros to boost the development and growth of the startups.

Since its inception in 2013, the organisation has taken a chance on these companies of the future, working every day to improve the specialisation with banking products and services focused on startups. This commitment by the organisation has increased the number of startups that are already customers of the Bank to 3,000 and the amount of credit extended to these companies in four years to 200m euros.

Furthermore, the specialised BStartup offices have a specific risk circuit for this type of companies.

We continue to work hard in all areas to support startups and scale-ups in their development,” said Yolanda Pérez, BStartup Director, during her welcome speech. “This year has been special, because we launched the health programme BStartupHealth, focused on supporting companies in this sector.”

In this first edition and with the advice of a scientific committee made up by Drs Montserrat Vendrell, Damià Tormo and Carlos Gallardo, the following three startups have been selected: Able Human Motion, ADmit and CreatSens.

Finally, Yolanda Pérez highlighted the healthy evolution of the portfolio’s startups, since in total investment rounds for 100m euros have been raised and the companies have generated 600 jobs. She also pointed out the significant investment figures that some of the startups have secured in the last period: RedPoints: 34m euros; Signaturit: 7m euros; Psious: 6m euros; Exoticca: 3.5m euros, etc. Many of these subsequent rounds have been joined by Sabadell Venture Capital, the Bank’s investment vehicle for startups in more advanced phases.


The 10 startups invested in 2018

Yolanda Pérez highlighted the quality of the startups invested during 2018, selected after studying more than 1,200 companies across the country: “The 10 companies invested have shown not only an idea for success, but also that their teams are able to take the business to the next level.

Able Human Motion: Developers of a light, easy to use and affordable exoskeleton for people with spinal injuries that restores their ability to walk.

ADmit Therapeutics: Developers of a test for the early detection of Alzheimer’s.

Aervio: Travel management platform, focused on integrating AI (artificial intelligence) technology to provide a simple and intuitive travel management system.

CreatSens: Creators of a medical device for the quick, simple and low-cost diagnosis and control of kidney diseases.

GoTrendier: Fashion marketplace that allows women to sell fashion pieces that they no longer use and buy other items.

Homyspace: Offers monthly accommodation for companies and displaced workers in any city in the world.

Mondo: Digital brokerage firm specialised in travel insurance, customisable according to user requirements.

PlayFilm: Video marketing tool that converts videos into a dialogue that involves the audience.

Qida: Marketplace that offers a comprehensive service to families needing support.

Vitcord: Mobile app aimed at young people that creates viral video chains, arranged by topics, challenges and situations that invite collaboration.


The effervescence of investing in the health sector

During the DemoDay BStartup10, there was a talk focused on BStartup Health, the health programme which Able Human Motion, ADmit Therapeutics and CreatSens are part of.

The talk was attended by the Scientific Committee of the BStartup Health programme: Montserrat Vendrell (Partner at Alta Life Sciences), Carlos Gallardo (Founder of CG Health Partners and Advisor to Almirall) and Damià Tormo (General Partner at Columbus Venture Partners and CEO & Founder of Artax Biopharma).

All of them highlighted the current fantastic period, in which investment in health is gaining much prominence. Therefore, it is very important to know the challenges, the opportunities in the sector and the requirements that a health startup must meet in order to secure investment, as the team of experts pointed out.


About the BStartup10 programme

BStartup10 is a Banco Sabadell programme created to support entrepreneurs so that they can develop their projects with great chances for success.

Every year, we invest one million euros in at least 10 startups in seed or early stages, up to 100,000 euros per project, in exchange for an equity stake. The companies receive capital and personalised support that will help them mainly to develop their markets and access subsequent rounds.

BStartup seeks to invest in companies that meet the following criteria.