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Iniciativas de las startups del portfolio BStartup10 ante la emergencia sanitaria por el COVID-19

Initiatives from the BStartup10 portfolio companies in light of the health emergency posed by COVID-19

02.04.2020 824 veces
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Initiatives from the BStartup10 portfolio companies in light of the health emergency posed by COVID-19

The situation generated by COVID-19 and the health guidelines for dealing with the virus have changed our daily lives. At these exceptionally adverse times for the entire population, Banco Sabadell has adopted all the necessary protection measures, so that the Bank’s customers can operate safely, normally and with the appropriate service.

Entrepreneurs, investors and technology experts have turned their attention to health care and the general public to do their bit against the consequences of the pandemic. Here are the initiatives from the companies of the BStartup10 portfolio to help mitigate the negative effects of this health crisis caused by COVID-19.



In the face of the current health crisis, the lockdown is the most effective measure to curb the spread of the virus, but it can lead to side effects and risks to the mental health of citizens in the short- and medium-term. In the case of health workers, these problems are compounded by the stress of the responsibility, physical and mental exhaustion and concerns about putting their own lives at risk.

The Psious Clinical Network, a virtual reality platform for mental health, offers the general public 1000 free remote psychological assistance sessions and more than 50 psycho-educational webinars, with the aim of helping to alleviate the psychological effects derived from both the compulsory lockdown due to COVID-19 and the extreme working conditions in which the health personnel of our hospitals carry out their work these days.

At www.cuidateencasa.es, anyone can request individual 30-minute remote sessions with a professional from Psious Clinical Network. During the session, the user will learn to practice relaxation or mindfulness techniques with the help of the Psious@home app using virtual reality environments. In parallel to the 1000 therapeutic support sessions, the Psious Clinical Network will offer more than 50 psycho-educational webinars during the lockdown.



Engaged in corporate travel management with artificial intelligence technology for intuitive and simplified management, Aervio has decided to create a free daily alert service. This service has an international reach and provides information on travel restrictions, as well as on healthcare and public health issues.

This free service receives information from the Guild of European Business Travel Agents (GEBTA), the leading business organisation for corporate travel, and allows both monitoring of the situation and forecasting of future measures. Santiago Montero, Aervio’s CEO, highlights that “it is important to be informed on a daily basis about the changes on a global scale that are taking place in all sectors of society.”



Homyspace seeks monthly accommodation for companies and displaced workers, enabling them to save time and money by relocating employees to any city in the world. During the COVID-19 crisis, Homyspace has decided to continue its operations to help displaced doctors and nurses.

In appreciation and support of the work they are doing, we have opened a platform for health and emergency personnel who need to travel to work. Through this platform, you can access furnished, ready-to-move-in houses with zero management fees for temporary rent.



Signaturit’s platform allows any document sent by mail to be digitally signed immediately, through a completely legal process, and which can be done from any mobile device. During the state of emergency, they organised 3 webinars in March in which they explained how the technology can help a company to continue with its operations:

  • Teleworking: Make it possible! Tips for HR professionals: explain how to continue with HR tasks when working from home.
  • How Legaltech helps companies to keep operating: how to solve in an agile way the work and trade conflicts that have arisen in recent days.
  • Digitalisation of legal communications and contract management: an explanation of Signaturit’s technology.

Due to the lengthening of the state of emergency, Signaturit will promote three new webinars with the aim of helping any individual, company, agency or educational institution that needs to send official communications or documents to be signed by their employees, customers or suppliers, so that they know how to do it.

  • Legaltech and recoverable paid leave. Workplace doubts about the coronavirus with María Jesús Boronat, In-House Counsel at Cooltra Moto, and Pau Mestre, Legal Department Manager at Signaturit.
  • How to configure the 145 model in times of teleworking with Diana Blanco, Customer Advocate at Signaturit.
  • What if this opportunity to test teleworking works? Plan the digital transformation in your Human Resources Department with Marc Piqueras, Channel Manager at Signaturit.



With a fast and cost-effective service, testamenta allows the online processing of your will, according to current legal regulations. Taking into account the restrictions imposed by the state of emergency, it is very difficult to visit a Notary’s office to sign a will. This shows the added value of the service provided by this startup. The company provides detailed and agile advice and information service to make the holographic will with all the guarantees in the environment of the state of emergency.

The online holographic will is fully enforceable, has models for each region, offers advice from lawyers who specialise in holographic wills, and is very affordable and quick to make. All this without having to visit a Notary’s office.



The online social project funding tool Worldcoo brings together companies committed to NGOs to finance projects that have high social impact. From its portal, you can donate to numerous projects that seek to fight the consequences of COVID-19 or seek new treatments for the virus.

Mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable children: Save the Children seeks to ensure the rights for education and welfare of these children and their families. The Save The Children Spain’s #ATuLado initiative aims to reduce the negative effects that the #COVID19 crisis will have on the most vulnerable children. Banco Sabadell employees will collaborate through Sabadell Life and Worldcoo.



When a company offers its employees the Cobee card, it is enabling them to save with every use. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, teleworking has been forced upon us; therefore, Cobee has organised a webinar in which they have analysed the keys to teleworking, and how it has been implemented.

Through professionals from the work sector, Cobee offers the best recommendations, the experiences of implementing these forced measures in Spanish companies and the conclusions reached after these very atypical days as a result of the state of emergency.

Cobee recently added a new free digital benefits pack to offer extra support to companies and their employees. The pack includes various services such as food, training, health and wellness, entertainment, telecommuting and personal finance.



With the aim of optimising health and social systems and reducing the use of hospitals, Qida offers families in dependency situations a comprehensive service, including caregiver, performance of services or home delivery of products and tele-monitoring.

In the current situation, Qida is publishing specialised posts and videos on COVID-19, aimed at older people and their caregivers. Therefore, in their blog, you can find a post on how to act in case of a potential or confirmed case of infection, recommendations on psychological management or how to manage the virus with older people.


Within the framework of Banco Sabadell, but outside the BStartup10 portfolio companies, another series of initiatives are also being developed:



Within the Venture Capital Division of Banco Sabadell, Sabadell Venture Capital, the investee ForceManager, a startup that optimises the management of a company’s sales force, has collaborated in the development of the Coronamadrid.com app. This web app offers a self-diagnostic test, which helps to relieve emergency phones.

Developed within the Madrid Community, this app will be distributed to the rest of the Autonomous Communities through the Secretary of State for Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, and is also available for Android and Apple iOS systems.



The fintech platform emerged from Innocells, Nomo, is aimed at self-employed individuals so that, through the app, they can save time managing their business and taxes. At these times of uncertainty, the platform will provide free access until April 30th.

With the free access, you can use both the Premium Plan, with a management service that carries out all the procedures and clears any doubts, and the Standard Plan, which includes budgets, invoicing and expenses control. A gesture with which they want to convey their commitment to sole traders and freelancers.


These are some examples of the initiatives that various startups are carrying out with the aim of minimising the negative effects that COVID-19 is causing to society. We remind you that on the COVID-19 website you will find all the updated information that may be of interest to you as a Banco Sabadell customer.