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All the information on our new initiative DPyme BStartup: towards full specialisation.

06.08.2019 437 veces
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All the information on our new initiative DPyme BStartup: towards full specialisation.

Five years after the launch of BStartup, and building on the specialisation work to support the companies of the future, Banco Sabadell has just created the new initiative DPyme BStartup. This initiative is made up of managers who only have in their customer portfolio startups, scale-ups and other companies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as venture capital funds, business angels or accelerators.

As of yet, this initiative has been launched in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, cities with a high concentration of new technology companies.


Startups’ operations are complex and require real specialisation and differential service.

Accordingly, startups need a manager with a high degree of knowledge of their business models, development and funding. Due to their rapid growth, the review or renewal of files is also much more frequent, and their operations more complex.

With the new initiative DPyme BStartup, these customers now have a manager who understands their language and their needs and who can provide them with a specialised and differential service.

Branches with specialised DPyme BStartup managers

  • Branch 5224. C. Llacuna 142, Barcelona
  • Branch 7011. Av. Diagonal 407, Barcelona.
  • Branch 569. C. Miguel Ángel 23, Madrid
  • Branch 5240. C. Serrano 71, Madrid
  • Branch 145. C. Colom 76, Valencia


Banco Sabadell is following through on its commitment with branches in the rest of the cities that staff managers who receive annual training. In addition, BStartup continues to strengthen the risk circuit which is specific to start-ups, with analysts specialised in this type of companies and the support of BStartup Advisors who provide services throughout the country.

BStartup also has the BStartup10 investment programme, through which it invests €1,000,000 every year in at least 10 startups in seed or early stages, up to €100,000 per project in exchange for equity stake. Click here for the list of the startups invested by BStartup10 during 2018.