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First Tuesday Madrid con Eloi Gómez de Mr Jeff

First Tuesday Madrid with Eloi Gómez from Mr Jeff

25.04.2019 711 veces
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First Tuesday Madrid with Eloi Gómez from Mr Jeff

On 23rd April the Callejón de Serrano space hosted a new edition of First Tuesday Madrid, dedicated on this occasion to Eloi Gómez, CEO of Mr Jeff, the laundry application that is revolutionizing the sector.

Being only 26 years old, Eloi Gómez and his two co-founders have managed to create a company with 230 employees, based on a franchise model, which has already reached 1,300 laundries, becoming the largest chain in Latin America and with a perspective to become, at the end of the year, the largest in the world.

“We were looking for something big and we had several patterns that had to be met: recurrence, great niche, great operational opportunity, well scalable in Asia and Latin America and that there was not a great global player”, Eloi explains.

Launched officially in Madrid in 2016, it was not until 14 months ago that the company adopted the franchise model. “I think we are scaling a model that nobody has done so far, nobody has created 1,300 franchises in a year. We go increasingly towards more transactional models and just intermediating is not enough “. Mr Jeff is currently located in various countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt or the Philippines.

As Eloi Gómez confessed to Carlos Blanco, Mr. Jeff’s idea is to reach new verticals. “We are creating a replicable model to be able to do it with more segments. What we are creating is a technological product where we seek to standardize the process, from capturing a franchisee to managing customers, so that any other vertical that we believe within Mr Jeff can scale. ”

If you missed First Tuesday Madrid with Eloi Gómez, you can get it back thanks to Agora News.