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First Tuesday Barcelona con Albert Bosch de Housfy

First Tuesday Barcelona with Albert Bosch from Housfy

13.11.2019 62 veces
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First Tuesday Barcelona with Albert Bosch from Housfy

The First Tuesday meeting returned, on 12th November, to the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona with Albert Bosch from Housfy.

Albert Bosch is CEO and Founder of Housfy. This technological platform for the sale of real estate was founded by Albert Bosch, Miquel Mora and Carlos Blanco, and has already managed to capture 9.7 million euros in three rounds of financing.

During the interview, Bosch went through his professional career, where he highlights his work as CEO of Groupalia. “As for the digital world, my first experience was Groupalia, where I later became CEO. During the merger of Groupalia with Offerum, I understood that company culture is the most important thing. After my experience I came to the conclusion that a merger does not exist, they are acquisitions in exchange for papers. There is only one culture, some processes and a way of doing. ”

“If you have an idea and keep it for yourself, you are not just an entrepreneur. For me, it is key to share it and compare experiences and opinions.”

The guest stressed the importance of sharing your concerns and ideas with ecosystem actors, which can generate synergies as in the case of Housfy. This proptech startup developed together with Miquel Mora, founding partner of the Yaencontre.com portal, was created in the Nuclio Venture Builder business incubator, co-founded by Carlos Blanco.

In 2017 Housfy made its first sale and, from that moment, its rise in the sector does not cease, consolidating itself as a key player within the real estate ecosystem of the country. “In October 2017 we arrived on television. It was a very risky decision, but today we can say that it was one of the best decisions we could make. ”

Housfy continues to climb positions and is already present in different markets. After its last round, the proptech startup has arrived in Portugal, its third country after Spain and Italy.

Albert Bosch acknowledged the difficulty of attracting foreign funds before jumping into other markets. However, he pointed out that there are ways to gain their trust. “From Housfy we were always fulfilling what we promised to the international funds that we had on the radar. It is essential to build a constant relationship and comply with the metrics you promise. I’ve come to provide all the data in ‘raw’ to convey more confidence. ”

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