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First Tuesday Barcelona con David Martín de Tradeinn

First Tuesday Barcelona with David Martín from Tradeinn

05.03.2020 74 veces
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First Tuesday Barcelona with David Martín from Tradeinn

The Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm hosted, on 3rd March, a new edition of the First Tuesday Barcelona meeting. On this occasion, the guest was David Martín, founder and CEO of Tradeinn, the first network of online stores specialized in the sale of sports equipment.

David Martín has dedicated his professional career to the digital sector. In 1998 he was CTO of Intercomgi, becoming CEO of the toy sales portal Eurekakids.net in 2005. As he explains, “with EurekaKids we were one of the first ecommerces in the country. At that stage I added my knowledge of a ‘geek’ programmer with a business vision”.

Tradeinn accumulates more than 10 years growing. This network of online stores for the sale of sports equipment currently has 15 specialized online stores, more than 1,500 commercialized brands, more than 1 million products, a presence in 170 countries and 18 languages ​​on the website. On 2019, Tradeinn has invoiced € 188M.

David Martín highlighted that, measuring and monitoring everything that happens on the Tradeinn website, they have never invested in branding. Instead, when it comes to wanting to make an investment, they have focused on everything that has an effective ROAS.

Thanks to this way of acting, and as David Martín commented in this First Tuesday Barcelona meeting: We are profitable from the beginning. We apply business vision and common sense. A well-managed e-commerce does not need external capital, who has to finance you is the provider”.

Did you miss the last session? You can now watch this First Tuesday Barcelona meeting thanks to FI Group!