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The four challenges set by Horizonte Factoría for 2019

15.03.2019 385 veces
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The four challenges set by Horizonte Factoría for 2019

Horizonte Factoría is the Open Innovation Laboratory of Group Init. In collaboration with Banco Sabadell’s BStartup, it proposes an annual programme which is a hybrid of entrepreneurial work combined with the specific requirements of large industrial corporations.

Since it started running, two years ago, Horizonte Factoría has been able to capture the involvement of hundreds of SME Directors and industrial multinationals, as well as entrepreneurs and startups in the technology sector and advanced services, thus improving the competitivity of the entire sector.

The objective of Horizonte Factoría is to unite the talent of startups with the real challenges of industrial companies. In its third edition it is implementing four challenges which startups can offer solutions to. And if their proposed solutions meet the requirements of the industrial challenge, they will have the opportunity to meet face to face with the company!

If you are a startup you can find business opportunities based on real requirements here. The following four challenges have been set for 2019:


Composites Aragón: manufactures paddle racquets and roller-skates made of natural or recycled fibres

Reto 1_Composites Aragon

Composites Aragón has a line of paddle racquets and roller-skates manufactured using carbon and glass fibres, materials which ensure the high quality and features of these products. As a result of the company’s environmental concerns, the company wants to study the incorporation of more sustainable commodities such as natural or recycled fibres.

The main challenge is to ensure that the final product maintains its current lightness and resistance and that it is compatible with the resins used during the process.

Find out more about the challenge here.


Hiab Cranes: digitalise the supply chain

Reto 2_HIAB Cranes

With almost 75 years of experience, Hiab is the world’s leading supplier of on-road material handling systems. The company is in the process of changing its ERP and is looking to develop new management tools, which offer:

  1. Monitoring of transport in real time, integrating this information with the ERP and the delivery of suppliers.
  2. Use of blockchain technology in the supply chain.
  3. Proposal for advanced data analysis.

Find out more about the challenge here.


Relax: a sustainable and circular industry

Reto 3_Relax

Relax is a company with more than 100 years of history, it manufactures all types of products for rest and relaxation: mattresses, bedsteads, beds…

The company is a firm believer that environmental sustainability is a factor of competitive improvement, and it is for this reason that it is requesting a review of its production from a circular perspective: an integral analysis which enables the identification of areas of improvement. One of the principal objectives is to ensure that the reduction of the commodities produced can be reused as a recyclable commodity, and not be thrown out with the rubbish.

Find out more about the challenge here.


Valeo Térmico: optimise thermal management in hybrid and electrical vehicles

Reto 4_Valeo

Valeo is a strategic partner of automobile manufacturers throughout the world. Its activity is focused on design of innovative solutions for the improvement of mobility.

In the next few years the automotive sector will be facing the challenge posted by electric vehicles. The fast charging of the battery requires refrigeration and heating which guarantee the optimum temperature for the battery to function, and at the same time, to ensure comfort within the car.

The challenge proposed by Valeo Térmico is to find disruptive proposals which optimise the thermal management of hybrid and electrical vehicles. Synergies are sought with applications in other sectors in which electric batteries are used.

Find out more about the challenge here.


If you are part of a startup focused on the technology sector, and your team wants to learn and participate in real challenges created by benchmark companies, apply now to find solutions to the challenges proposed by Horizonte Factoría!