We want
to be your partner

1 million euros a year
in investment

The bank will make a global investment of 100,000 euros in each of the projects, in which BStartup will take a holding of between 5% and 15% of the share capital.

alt20.000 euros
in services (high-performance program).
alt80.000 euros
in cash.

We want to be your partner

Together with Inspirit and Dídac Lee, a multidisciplinary team from BS Capital, Innovation and BStartup will work with the startups from day one to help them develop their business.

Skilled professionals with expertise in corporate management, company building and fundraising will guide the companies along the six months of this high-performance program.


Creating synergies

Banco Sabadell will study the potential synergies between the products submitted by all the startups and the innovation processes of the Bank to include them in our Open Innovation strategy, if it is in the interests of both parties.

The Bank might also become a client, as it is for many other startups.

High performance

With the participation of Grupo Inspirit and its CEO, the successful entrepreneur Dídac Lee, the bank has developed a six-month high-performance program adapted to the key areas of each startup at this specific time. We carry out company building focused above all on sales development and funding, but customised to each company.

Structure of the contents

  • Validation of the product and definition of the development roadmap
  • Business training and seeking out clients
  • Access to a network of important contacts
  • Support in recruiting if necessary
  • Accompaniment during round A of the fundraising process
    • Preparation for presenting the company to investors
    • Introduction to business angels, family offices and venture capital
    • Support in arranging the investment, assistance in preparing and signing the shareholders’ agreement

At the  BStartup Class you can see videos about the sessions.

Companies invested in

The high-performance program is divided into two annual intensive six month sessions, plus a further six months’ follow-up. In each edition five companies are selected, totalling 10 companies a year.

See the companies invested in


17 May, 2016

BStartup 10 6th call open

13 June 2016

BStartup 10 6th call closes

Mid-July 2016

Pitch of the 25 finalists of the 6th call

End of September 2016

Pitch of the 10 finalists of the 6th call

End of October 2016

Public communication of the 5 selected companies in the 6th call BStartup10


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BStartup 10 is targeted at companies that meet the following requisites:

  • Digital start ups focussed on developing business in: internet, software, mobile apps, fintech, media, big data, internet of things, security, e-health, education, e-commerce and the like.
  • Innovative product or business model
  • The company must be incorporated
  • It must have at minimum an operating prototype to support the business idea and sales or potential clients will be positively valued
  • The product may not have been commercially active for over 24 months
  • Scalable model that seeks a global
  • At least one full-time employee and preferably a versatile and committed team, capable of developing the company and expanding>

It will be positively valued if it has already received financing from private investors, business angels or similar. BStartup will enter the seed capital round and prepare the project to enable it to access the following round of financing. BStartup is open to co-investment with other investors.

Selection criteria

In addition to verifying that the companies meet all the requisites set out above, the following aspects will be assessed:

  • The Company’s target market. The size of the market is very important. Is it a solution that can be globally scaled up? Is it a growth sector?
  • Competitive advantage. Is it sustainable over time? Has the company designed an innovative, disruptive business model? Are the barriers to entry attractive? Are the growth expectations of the business plan aligned with the market and the competitive environment?
  • Validation in the market and/or traction. Have they confirmed the initial market validations in terms of customers, investors, alliances, recognition…?
  • At least one full-time employee and preferably a versatile and committed team, capable of developing the company and expanding>