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Yami - Venture On The Road Madrid

Yami wins in the II Venture On The Road Madrid

14.02.2019 337 veces
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Yami wins in the II Venture On The Road Madrid

The second edition of #VentureOnTheRoad in Madrid was held on February 13th at the Auditorio Banco Sabadell. Among the finalist startups, the winner of the event was Yami, a platform that offers take-away dishes from a wide variety of restaurants, for less than 5 euros a day.

Accessible from both website and application, Yami offers meals from various restaurants in Málaga, offering more than 70 different dishes a day. According to his co-founder Ismael Cruces, his goal is to bet on local businesses, sustainability and healthy eating at an affordable price. Soon it will reach other cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Among the finalist startups of this meeting of entrepreneurs were also Invitadísima, the first marketplace specializing in premium fashion for parties and events in Spain, represented by its CEO Pilar Nestar; My Different Place, the search engine for unique accommodations in nature in Spain and Portugal; and Rentger, the rental management software that saves time and money by automating management for the owner.

The event also held a Keynote of Alberto Knapp, founder of The Cocktail, the user experience and interaction design consultant, specialists in business knowledge, marketing, technology and consumption: “Speed ​​and simplicity : how to grow, transform and not die in the attempt “.

Congratulations to Yami! And thanks to the finalist startups as to all the projects enrolled in the SeedRocket and BStartup roadshow.

See you on March 21st in Bilbao. And if you are interested in presenting your project, sign up before March 7th.