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“Smart innovation” en #SouthSummit19

“Smart innovation” at #SouthSummit19

06.11.2019 885 veces
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“Smart innovation” at #SouthSummit19

From the BStartup Class and through different videos, knowledge and experiences of entrepreneurs are shared with the aim of making it easier for new projects to achieve success. This new video corresponds to the South Summit 2019 event, which was held from 2nd to 4th October in Madrid, specifically to the panel “Smart innovation: how partnering with the digital ecosystem will boost your business!”.

South Summit is a leading innovation platform that seeks to connect the main players in the ecosystem with investors and major corporations. Held at La N@ve in Madrid, a meeting point for citizens, companies and a network of innovative professionals, it was attended by more than 450 speakers, as well as the most innovative startups in the ecosystem.

Within the complete program of activities that formed the South Summit 2019, the “Smart innovation: how partnering with the digital ecosystem will boost your business!” panel took place on day 2. The conference was conducted by Miguel Montes, General Director of Banco Sabadell, with the participation of Cardumen Capital, Nomo and PayComet, and announced how Banco Sabadell is actively contributing to the new era of fintechs and new technologies through InnoCells, the entity’s digital innovation centre.

As explained in the video, Banco Sabadell focuses on its Smart Innovation strategy, highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation with startups and investment funds, and explaining the work of InnoCells, the digital innovation hub and vehicle of strategic investments of the entity. InnoCells had a considerable importance in the South Summit, participating in different panels and workshops.

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