SheStartup – women in tech & startups in Barcelona

30.01.2019 503 veces
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SheStartup – women in tech & startups in Barcelona

SheStartup is here! An initiative by BStartup Banc Sabadell and AllWomen to get more women in tech working in the top startups from Barcelona. More than a party, more than a networking event, more than a job fair… Are you gonna miss it? No way!

SheStartup will happen on Wednesday February 13th from 17h to 21h @ Casa Bonay (Nica Space), Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 700, Barcelona.

You will have the opportunity to meet the coolest startups in the city thanks to BStartup – Banc Sabadell. Experts from WallapopHolaluzBadiRed PointsSignaturitAdsmuraiCooltra and Glovo will be sharing some of their “tech and/or digital secrets” in a format of short masterclasses, while they introduce their projects, business models and talent needs… Join them to be part of this new Startup #girlgang in Barcelona!

The startups are looking for full stack developers, web/front-end developers, back-end developers, mobile developers, data scientists, product managers, UX/UI, social media managers, designers, digital marketers & intrapreneurs. Are you ready for a change?

BStartup Banc Sabadell and AllWomen have created this women-friendly meeting point in order to close the gender gap in the tech sector by sharing with the community open positions and talent needs from top startups. At the same time, all of us will be eager to hear from you, woman, about your expectations, desires and what you have to offer as a digital and/or tech profile. Let’s exchange ideas, insights and create a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem all together!

Is this event just for women?

Not only, but mostly. If you are a man willing to bring more women in the tech and digital scenario in Barcelona, this event is also for you. You will be more than welcome!

During all the event you will have the opportunity to talk with different team members from all these startups, share with them your thoughts or concerns, or even deliver your CV!

We wait for you on February 13th @ SheStartup– women in tech & startups in Barcelona.


17:00h – www: welcome wonder women! By Bstartup and AllWomen

First round of cool startups sharing their tech secrets and looking for women in tech:

  • 17:05h – Glovo: The Evolution of Payments at Glovo – Sergey Shavrin, Tech Team Lead
  • 17:30h – Wallapop: Changing the rules of the game: How diversity enriches our team – Rocío Ortega, Android Developer
  • 17:55h – Adsmurai: Goals That Matter – Fátima Rodriguez, Product Manager
  • 18:20h – Holaluz: Leading the energy in Agile – Carlota Pi Cofounder & Executive President and Javier Alloza, CTO

18:45h – mingle and match

Second round of more cool startups sharing their tech secrets and looking for women in tech:

  • 19:05h – Signaturit: An unexpected journey: How I regained the passion for coding at Signaturit – Laura Escobar, Back End Developer and Karla Palma, People & Culture Manager
  • 19:30h – Red Points: TBD
  • 19:55h – Badi: From business goals to development requirements – Elena González – Product Owner
  • 20:20h – Cooltra: TBD

20:45h – closure

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