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oSIGris wins Venture On The Road Vigo

05.06.2020 356 veces
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oSIGris wins Venture On The Road Vigo

On 4th June, a new edition of the Venture on the Road roadshow was held online together by SeedRocket, BStartup of Banco Sabadell and local partner Startup Galicia. The III Venture On The Road Vigo connected investors seeking new opportunities, entrepreneurs who want to network and the selected startups for the event.

In addition to the usual presentation of the startups, III Venture On The Road Vigo had the participation of Nacho Ormeño, founder of Startupxplore, who offered a keynote titled “5 things I would have liked to know when I started my first company” .

The four finalist startups of III Venture On The Road Vigo were:

  • oSIGris: they have developed a free cooperative agriculture application that helps digitize crops.
  • Catálogos para empresas: its totally virtual commercial tool allows creating and transforming the catalog or the traditional product sheet. An Ad Hoc solution that, through 360º photos and virtual reality, makes them come alive.
  • HomeQube: this device connects all the devices in the house to turn it into a Smart Home, allowing them to be controlled from anywhere via mobile phone, tablet or voice assistant.
  • Ntente: its technological tool is aimed at brands that have a strong dependence on the multi-brand channel, allowing the traditional multi-brand store to be associated with its e-commerce generating connected shopping experiences for consumers.

The III Venture On The Road Vigo jury chose oSIGris as the winning startup. The functionalities of its application allow to manage crops quickly and easily, it offers climatological information of the area and of nearby pests and diseases, and it allows to view all the information of the application, in an orderly and simultaneous way, on the web platform.

Keynote by Nacho Ormeño

III Venture On The Road Vigo featured an interesting keynote by Nacho Ormeño, founder of Startupxplore. This platform is aimed at both startups offering help to get investment and investors who can access first-rate opportunities.

In his keynote, Nacho Ormeño revealed in five main blocks the five things he would have liked to know when he started his first company:

  • The world of startups.
  • Set up a new startup.
  • Product and technology.
  • Funding rounds and investors.
  • Working as founder and team.

“I would have liked to know that most new startups cease because the partners argue and do not have a good partnership agreement, or for lack of financial planning. If you don’t know how cashflow works, stop, learn it and start building.”

The main concern of any business is how to generate demand, and for this he stressed that “understanding how your customers behave in your system will allow you to save on marketing.”

Another important tip is that “as CEO, try to empathize with your technical team.” Founders with no technical background should learn some code to understand how an engineering team or programmer thinks, and over-engineering should be avoided.

Startups must ask themselves if they really need to go to a funding round. If you need to go to investors, you have to wait until you have the first customers to validate the business model.

Many thanks to all the participants who made the celebration of III Venture On The Road Vigo possible and congratulations to oSIGris for achieving victory.

SeedRocket TV gives you the opportunity to watch the entire session:

Imagen: elcorreo.com