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Errores que debe evitar una startup, por Lluis Font

Mistakes that a startup should avoid, by Luis Font

09.07.2019 901 veces
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Mistakes that a startup should avoid, by Luis Font

Within the BStartup program, developed by Banco Sabadell to support young innovative and technological companies to develop their projects with the greatest possible success guarantees, the Aula BStartup is a space that brings together the knowledge and experiences of entrepreneurs.

The executive coach Luis Font explains in this new video which are the main marketing and sales mistakes that a startup should avoid.

The main mistake is the popular idea that there are some things that are useful for everything, such as specialization in SEO to optimize the search of a webpage. But to be effective, SEO must be done very well and it is still slow, so turning it into the basis of the success of the startup may be the end of it.

The same thing happens with content marketing, which seems to be the cure for everything but, like SEO, it is very slow. Both techniques do not work by themselves. They are useful tools, but they must be combined with others, such as payment marketing and more traditional sales techniques, to achieve a perfect sales machine.

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