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How to prepare a meeting with an investor, with Javier Megias

01.06.2018 635 veces
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How to prepare a meeting with an investor, with Javier Megias

We continue with the series of videos on key issues for a startup by the hand of the entrepreneur and investor Javier Megias, CEO and co-founder of startupxplore.com.

We leave you with the fifth video of the series: How to prepare a meeting with an investor.

Investors are not mythological creatures or monsters. They are people who are used to listening to many projects and hope that in that time you will be able to transmit the correct information. There are some minimum rules that we must take into account:

  1. Do not try to tell everything. It’s like seduction. It is about transmitting sufficient information to the investor so that he / she considers the project interesting and, then, the second appointment will come to go more in detail.
  2. The important thing is the business, more than the product. Investors must understand that they invest in businesses with the ability to scale, so they are interested in understanding the business side. It’s talking about the business model, marketing, etc. So the presentation should be about business.
  3. It’s not about riding monologues. Use 50% of the time they have set to explain our business and the remaining 50% to answer the questions about competition, market level, etc. The real key is that the investor has time to ask the questions and you to answer them.
  4. Content is as important as the format or background of what you are doing. The presentation, its content, must be excellent to convey the correct message.
  5. Do not assume that you know everything in the round of questions. If there is something that is not known, it is said that it is sought.
  6. Under no circumstances should you discuss with the investor. It is about analyzing when you have more data that corroborate it.
  7. Practice a lot, a lot, the meeting.

Accompanied by José Manuel Carol, director of BStartup10, discover the best tips on how to give a presentation of 10 to an investor and how to prepare it.

You can find the rest of the videos in BStartup Class. Stay tuned!