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Hotel Break, ganador Venture On The Road Palma de Mallorca

Hotel Break wins Venture on the Road Palma de Mallorca

22.05.2020 860 veces
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Hotel Break wins Venture on the Road Palma de Mallorca

Venture On The Road gets going again as a virtual event. With the local partner Parc Balear d’Innovació Tecnològica, and the support of SeedRocket and BStartup of Banco Sabadell, the third edition of Venture On The Road Palma de Mallorca, the roadshow designed to give access to investors and networking in different cities, was held on 7th May.

The event was attended by Edurne Álvarez, Ángel Buigues and Laurent Arens, from BStartup, Beatriz Imedio and Ray Altabás, from SeedRocket, Manuel Guerrero, from Emprenbit and Raúl Jiménez from Mi Nube, who in addition to being part of the jury gave a keynote under the title “Entrepreneurship during a crisis: impatient in the break-even, patient in growth”.

The finalist startups of Venture On The Road Palma de Mallorca were:

  • Arrendart: allows you to rent original works of art from renowned artists. The platform adapts the art market to the current situation, using technology as a tool for a new formula to enjoy art.
  • GuestPro: comprehensive platform that encompasses different tools in a single solution, allowing hotels to be managed in a more efficient and automated way.
  • Hotelbreak: startup that allows access to daytime experiences in luxury hotel facilities without the need to be hosted.
  • Seniors Boom: this platform offers the uploading and mounting of large goods at home, through independent installers.

Following the jury’s deliberation, the winning startup was Hotelbreak. This startup allows you to enjoy the facilities and services of hotels without the need to stay, from swimming pools or spas to restaurant services. A use of luxury facilities without having to pay for a night of accommodation.

Keynote by Raúl Jiménez

Raúl Jiménez is the founder of Mi Nube, a platform whose objective is to share the places that people discover on their trips to any place on the planet. The platform allows you to save these places to inspire other people when they organize their trips.

During his interesting keynote Raúl indicated that “for 99% of startups there is no quick success, it is essential to think long-term and that your decisions are aligned”. He also added that “we are in a changing environment and the first ideal idea of ​​the business model can pivot. What is essential is that it is on a good basis. ”

Congratulations to Hotelbreak for its victory, and to all the participants and collaborators of the III Venture On The Road Palma de Mallorca for making the event possible. See you virtually at the next Venture On The Road event in Vigo, to be held on 4th June.

You can watch again the entire session on Seedrocket TV: