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First Tuesday Madrid con Javier Cebrián de Bonsai Venture Capital

First Tuesday Madrid with Javier Cebrián from Bonsai Venture Capital

16.10.2019 404 veces
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First Tuesday Madrid with Javier Cebrián from Bonsai Venture Capital

First Tuesday returned to Callejón de Serrano, in Madrid, with a high-level guest: Javier Cebrián. CEO and founder of Bonsai Venture Capital, Cebrián is one of the leading investors in the national ecosystem and together with Carlos Blanco he reviewed the milestones of his career, his main investments and his perceptions of the entrepreneurial landscape.

Javier Cebrián highlighted among his most relevant investments those made in Idealista, Wedding Wire, Wallapop, Glovo, Infojobs, Top Rural, Bodas.net or Akamon.

“We started investing our money, without external investors and little by little we were reinvesting what we earned after the exits. We played our own money and therefore we acted more cautiously. ” Cebrián acknowledged that part of his career responds to the good moment of the market when they decided to start with money and risk capacity. “If our first batch had not gone well, I would not be here today. We were lucky when we decided to start investing. ”

“As the industry is getting bigger talent arises to undertake Internet projects.”

“We have always been looking for multidisciplinary teams. As an African proverb says, if you want to go fast go alone, and if you want to go far go accompanied. These are long races where many things are going to happen and you have to be well accompanied.”

He claims not to opt for any particular sector, but he is attracted to those sectors where software and technology can create a clear competitive advantage.

Watch the entire session thanks to Agora News: