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First Tuesday Madrid with Hugo Arévalo from ThePowerMBA

22.03.2019 978 veces
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First Tuesday Madrid with Hugo Arévalo from ThePowerMBA

The First Tuesday Madrid appointment of 19th March took place in the Callejón de Serrano and was dedicated to Hugo Arévalo, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ThePowerMBA.

Hugo Arévalo is co-founder of Auro Group, The PowerMBA, Buytheface, Bright & Sharp and Albau Ventures as well as being ThePowerMBA chairman. He has invested in reference startups, such as Jobandtalent, Cabify, Ontruck, Glovo, Playtomic, Colvin, 21buttons, Fudeat or Deporvillage. In addition, he led the Hawkers 50 million euros round and was the executive president of the successful sunglasses brand for two years.

“I come from an entrepreneurial family. I’ve always had it imbued since childhood: entrepreneurship game is difficult, but if you succeed in doing it, it’s a great reward”. Despite his successes as an investor, Arévalo recognizes that his DNA is more entrepreneur than investor. “These last years I have dedicated more to entrepreneurship”.

His current project, ThePowerMBA, arises after two years of research on sectors without disruption. “After two years of brainstorming, the education variable finally entered. We consider that entrepreneurship is not completely explained in universities. Under this premise, we include case studies of successful entrepreneurs in the program. “

ThePowerMBA currently has more than 7,000 students in less than half a year.

“We launch The Power Ecommerce tomorrow and we are going to take more verticals. We want to become the business school of the 21st century. “

Regarding his main entrepreneurial motivation, Arévalo emphasizes that he is very attracted to novelty and to be able to change a sector so that the user has the solution to a problem. “I like to solve day-to-day problems and know how to delegate”.

Did you miss FirstTuesday Madrid? You can watch the whole event thanks to agoranews!