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First Tuesday Madrid with Cristóbal Viedma of Lingokids

09.01.2019 432 veces
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First Tuesday Madrid with Cristóbal Viedma of Lingokids

On 8th January, in the El Callejón de Serrano space, First Tuesday Madrid was celebrated with a meeting with Cristóbal Viedma, CEO & Co-Founder of Lingokids, a startups that stood out in 2018 and that has Sabadell Venture Capital among its investors.

Lingokids offers a guided plan to help children between 2 and 8 years old to speak English. An immersive method that has a large number of activities, and that has been designed by expert pedagogues in early education. Through different modes such as games, videos, songs or audiobooks, children learn English naturally by being exposed to the language while having fun playing.

Lingokids is not the first entrepreneurial project of Cristóbal Viedma, who recommends working in companies with powerful equipment before embarking on a project. And, according to his words, “Your nature as an entrepreneur pushes you to work for yourself”.

With 1 million active users per month and about 100,000 children subscribed, Lingokids has reached an agreement with Oxford University Press to make the content of their school courses available in Lingokids. The project he developed to develop to teach English to her niece of 4 years and started with a round of investment of 1.5 million, has already captured 11 million investment and has reached a value of 30-50 million euros. Despite having received contacts, Cristóbal Viedma indicates that “My intention is not to make money, it motivates me more to create something that reaches many families.”

Cristóbal Viedma gives us the key to the success of Lingokids: “In particular, within education technologies I believe that one of the mistakes that is made in general is to focus on selling to schools or ministries. What we have done well is to directly address the consumer and above all, not to lie to ourselves and be very honest with what we are doing. “

Probably after the summer a new round of investment in Lingokids will start, according to Cristóbal Viedma at the First Tuesday Madrid meeting that you can watch again in the following video, thanks to Agora News.