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First Tuesday Madrid con Aquilino Peña de Kibo Ventures

First Tuesday Madrid with Aquilino Peña from Kibo Ventures

21.01.2020 776 veces
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First Tuesday Madrid with Aquilino Peña from Kibo Ventures

On 21st January, a new First Tuesday meeting took place in Callejón de Serrano in Madrid, with Aquilino Peña, founder and managing partner of Kibo Ventures, a venture capital entity.

Aquilino Peña has been a leading figure in the digital industry since the late 90’s. In addition to his role at Kibo Ventures, he has currently been appointed new vice president of the Asociación Española de Capital, Crecimiento e Inversión for 2019-2020 period, and is part of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Asociación Digital Española.

After completing his MBA at Harvard Business School, he launched his Brazilian-based eCommerce Submarino.com project, which expanded to five countries. “The 2000’s were fascinating and intense; anything was possible and you learned how to go about moving the projects forward. We set up an eCommerce as soon as the online sale started and there was no proper logistics.”

On the exits of his current fund, Peña emphasized that these kinds of decisions are made because you know the company very well, with detailed knowledge of its capabilities and market. “As venture capital investors we make difficult decisions and you cannot do exits with all your investees. We want to go out when we don’t see a route. “

Aquilino Peña also stated that “with respect to the sectors, we are a bit agnostic. Personally, I’m very interested in data, robotics, artificial intelligence or algorithm. “

Watch the full session with Aquilino Peña thanks to Agora News.