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First Tuesday Madrid con Ander Michelena

First Tuesday Madrid with Ander Michelena

12.06.2019 319 veces
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First Tuesday Madrid with Ander Michelena

The new edition of First Tuesday Madrid took place on June 11th in El Callejón de Serrano. The event was attended by Ander Michelena, Ticketbis co-founder, a company acquired by eBay in 2016, and All Iron Ventures, a venture capital fund.

“In my family I have not been surrounded by entrepreneurs, but I have always had to explore new things. That has led me to create my own projects. For our Ticketbis project we got a first round of € 400,000, where my partner and I contributed approximately € 150,000 and the rest came from FFF – Family, Friends and Fools. With this we launched the website and ended up billing 1M the first year”, Ander explained.

After hard negotiations, in 2016 eBay acquired Ticketbis for approximately 165 million dollars. After a period with the investor hat, both partners decided to create a ‘family office’: All Iron Venture.

Ander Michelena states that he doesn’t see himself setting up a startup, but if he did, he is clear about the sectors that appeal to him at this moment. “One of the sectors that we are most interested in is the proptech, it is a sector that we like very much, and personally I like everything related to the marketplace.” To which Carlos Blanco added: “For me, #PropTech and #HealthTech are key sectors, little digitized and with many opportunities.”

As plans for the future, Ander Michelena indicated that “one of the projects we want to do is to set up a technological development center to help people get trained in new technologies in Bilbao, with free courses. It is still very initial but we are very excited. “

Yo can watch the event thanks to Agora News.