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First Tuesday from home with Juan Urdiales from Jobandtalent

04.06.2020 671 veces
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First Tuesday from home with Juan Urdiales from Jobandtalent

For the second time, the benchmark meeting between entrepreneurs First Tuesday was held virtually because of the COVID-19 health crisis.

On this occasion, the renowned entrepreneur Juan Urdiales, co-founder and coCeo of Jobandtalent joined the conversation with Carlos Blanco to share his experiences and main personal and professional lessons learnt throughout the years.

Graduated in Business Administration and Management and Law, Juan Urdiales’ career has always been closely linked to the world of entrepreneurship. “Since the last year of my career I have become an entrepreneur. Our Plusquamperfecta project, a retail project with a commitment to personalization, was awarded as the best business project and we launched it with the award. “

A few years later, alongside his partner Felipe Navío, the job search startup Jobandtalent was born. “Jobandtalent arises as a need, we continued to need personnel in the midst of a crisis and even so it was difficult to recruit talent. That’s where the idea of ​​a platform that united demand and supply arose, especially for young people at the time of the crisis”.

“When raising capital, investors did not look so much at the past experience, but at how we were doing it at Jobandtalent. We had a lot of growth and fulfilled all the milestones that we had set for ourselves. Something investors have not doubted is that the team was able to execute. This has characterized us, always surrounding ourselves with very good people”.

Model change: coexist or turn the page?

There are many entrepreneurs who have doubts about how to face a change of Business Model. The initial Jobandtalent model, conceived as a matching platform between workers and companies, began to show certain limitations and problems that led to the commitment of both partners to a transactional model with which the company has achieved more than 140 million euros of investment and an expansion in seven markets.

The company decided to bet on a more transactional model where they can accompany the worker even after joining the company and facilitate bureaucratic procedures for them.

“The change in business model also meant a corporate transformation. It was a total bet, the two business models did not coexist. We focused on this transactional model.”

Now, with a successful company that does not stop growing, Urdiales affirms that his aim is to remain in charge for years. “Felipe and I see each other for years in the company. Investors know it well and share growth prospects. The future will tell where we end up and what is the exit for many of these investors, but now we are all very aligned in this long-term direction.”

Company culture: from paper to actions.

“Strategically, company culture has been the most important and where Felipe and I have put the focus. It is important to understand that company culture arises from actions, not from a document: you generate culture. We have taken time to understand ours, but now everything revolves around it ”.

As a last tip, Juan Urdiales stressed the importance of always having control of the company. “You have to be careful about wanting to grow too fast. Sometimes, it can turn into harmful growth. You have to be ambitious, but don’t lose control”.

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