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First Tuesday Barcelona con Jesús Monleón de SeedRocket

First Tuesday Barcelona with Jesús Monleón from SeedRocket

13.02.2020 15 veces
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First Tuesday Barcelona with Jesús Monleón from SeedRocket

On 11th February Nuclio School business school hosted a new First Tuesday Barcelona event with the renowned entrepreneur and investor Jesús Monleón, one of the main actors in the national ecosystem.

Interviewed by Carlos Blanco, Jesús Monleón reviewed the main milestones of his professional career, which he started as a merger and acquisition analyst at Alpha Corporate, but which soon resulted in his first project as an entrepreneur. In 2000 he founded emagister, of which he was the CEO until he joined the Intercom group.

In 2008 he founded SeedRocket with Vicente Arias, a non-profit association formed by renowned Internet professionals in Spain, who share the common goal of promoting the use of new technologies. In 2010, again with Vicente Arias and Sacha Fuentes, he founded Offerum, an ecommerce of leisure coupons and one of the four players in the coupon market in Spain.

In 2017 he created SeedRocket 4Founders Capital, an investment fund of 12 million euros together with Marek Fodor, Marc Badosa and Javier Pérez-Tenessa.

Monleón stressed the importance of trust and communication between investors and entrepreneurs, as well as validating the team very well.

“I’m looking for entrepreneurs who can bring the company to 50 million. One can be good to start the project but, subsequently, it is important to surround yourself with professionals with more talent to grow. ”

Regarding the key sectors to invest, Monleón is clear: classified. “I consider it a mistake to go back to the past to think about what I would mount again. I turn to reflection to think about what I should invest. I like the classified because they are maintained over time. ”

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