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First Tuesday Barcelona con Frederic Llordachs de Doctoralia

First Tuesday Barcelona with Frederic Llordachs from Doctoralia

06.06.2019 278 veces
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First Tuesday Barcelona with Frederic Llordachs from Doctoralia

The First Tuesday meeting returned to Barcelona on June 4th at Nuclio School with a leading guest in the world of entrepreneurship and health: Frederic Llordachs, co-founder of Doctoralia, the successful Health Marketplace that allows you to find a medical specialist in your city.

Frederic Llordachs is a different profile, and undoubtedly with a lot of knowledge to contribute to those who are thinking about embarking on the world of entrepreneurship. A doctor with an MBA that states that the influence of his parents’ local trade gave him many key skills.

In the year 2000 he bought the Doctoralia.com domain without knowing exactly what he would end up doing with it. “In 2003 we started a website to request doctors online appointment, but it did not work: there were neither clients nor users”.

Llordachs highlights a precise date to explain the start of his current business: the launch of the iPhone. “The launch of this device represented a key moment, that of digital transformation”. Thanks to the incorporation of ads in their updated project, they managed to finance their business from zero.

One of the axes of the conversation revolved around the current momentum in the HealthTech sector. “We are now investing a lot in HealthTech, which is leading the number of rounds in the US and predictably in a year or two will make the leap to Europe” said Carlos Blanco.

“It is true that the sector is booming, but we must bear in mind that the American system is not comparable to our system. In Spain you have to aim at a smaller niche, although with a global vision. What exists in the USA is not extrapolated in many cases to Spain, but the product that is created here must be able to serve in the US “. And as Llordachs points out, the Health sector is a slow sector and in which you have to go out of borders to succeed, you have to create a global product. “Those who invest in Health or BioTech should know that they are slow projects”.

Do you want to watch the full session? Enjoy the First Tuesday meeting thanks to F.Iniciativas!