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First Tuesday Barcelona con Ernest Sánchez de Nekko Capital

First Tuesday Barcelona with Ernest Sánchez from Nekko Capital

04.12.2019 89 veces
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First Tuesday Barcelona with Ernest Sánchez from Nekko Capital

The entrepreneur meeting First Tuesday took place on 3rd December at the Factory 103 space in Barcelona. The guest was Ernest Sánchez, managing partner and co-founder of Nekko Capital, a global venture capital fund specialized in the internationalization of startups in Europe and Asia.

Ernest boasts 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and venture capital, and has been an advisor to companies such as Glovo, Zapper or Shoppiday, former director of investment in Europe for Entrée Capital and CEO of BeOne Telecom and S2AGroup.

“I really wanted to launch the NEKKO Capital project. In Spain it is not easy for startups to move from the A series, the search for the first external investors, to the B series, when the company is profitable and seeks to increase the profit margin, especially because of the competition that exists with other markets. We saw the need for that equity gap to be covered by national funds, and that was the initial idea of ​​Nekko Capital”, Ernest explained.

When investing in a project, the guest is clear that there are three essential factors to enter: talent, business model and a well-constituted project.

“When you pitch a project, the person and the team still prevail. If we talk about metrics, it may be logical to apply a mathematical model, but the human factor still has more weight. It depends on the different phases. We are entering datamining but there is still a long way. I see it more useful for the detection of sectors and trends at the moment”, he concluded.

If you want to watch the full session you can do it thanks to FI Group.