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First Tuesday Barcelona con David Guapo de GOI

First Tuesday Barcelona with David Guapo from GOI

15.01.2020 882 veces
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First Tuesday Barcelona with David Guapo from GOI

On 14th January, the first First Tuesday event of the year was dedicated to David Callejón, also known as David Guapo, and was held at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona. The comedian shared his entrepreneurial skills and his experience as a founding partner of GOI, the only logistics operator with a national network specializing in the transportation of bulky goods.

Founded in 2015, GOI seeks to change the vision of bulky transport logistics with delivery speed, communication and customer experience, and the lowering of prices thanks to the increase in productivity.

“We ended up in logistics because it was a sector with a lot of optimization margin. With our technology we could solve many of its problems and order a sector hitherto atomized and very intrusive. ”

It was his cousin and current CEO Yaiza Canosa who proposed the original idea that subsequently pivoted to the current business model. “Yaiza is the soul of the project. She is the one who had the original idea, and I had the infrastructure. We put it all together and it was the first project we launched with my consultant ”. In addition to being a renowned comedian, David Guapo has also been in charge of his own computer consultancy and an audiovisual production, advertising and marketing company. In addition, he is an investor of Goin and Encomenda VC.

“The first company I founded was myself. I decided to treat myself as a product, turning comedy into my own company. ” Among the secrets of his success, the First Tuesday guest highlighted his proactivity when promoting his own show.

Watch the entire session of  First Tuesday with David Guapo thanks to FI Group: