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First Tuesday Barcelona with Fernando Benito from Paack

18.03.2019 961 veces
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First Tuesday Barcelona with Fernando Benito from Paack

The Docket Barcelona space hosted on 13th March a new First Tuesday Barcelona appointment. This time our guest was Fernando Benito, Co-founder & CEO of Paack, one of the most outstanding #startups in the logistics sector in Spain.

Fernando Benito, Víctor Obradors and Xabier Rosales launched Paack, a last mile transportation specialized company, at the end of 2014. “We had no idea of ​​the startup environment and we thought that the best thing was an accelerator. Finally we were given the opportunity in Dubai with Turn8, where we stayed for 6 months. “

Paack offers its services in 5 countries for large national and international retailers. “We are the only ones capable of delivering scheduled deliveries to scale. We make 10 shipments per hour on average. ” According to Fernando Benito, this differentiating aspect is achieved thanks to the technological commitment.

Although none of its co-founders came from the world of logistics, Paack has established itself as a benchmark in the sector, thanks to its two-hour delivery or the choice of a time slot that minimizes the return rate. “We knew how to surround ourselves with powerful people from the beginning despite not coming from the world of logistics,” he says.

The company’s DNA is international. “We wanted to set something global from the beginning and we focused on the big cities like New York, London or Madrid.” In addition, as Fernando Benito stressed, Paack has achieved an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of 10 million euros at the end of January.

Although the unmanned parcels will be a reality in 5-10 years, the Paack CEO says they will coexist with more traditional solutions.

If you could not attend First Tuesday Barcelona, ​​you can watch it thanks to F.Iniciativas.