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First Tuesday desde casa con Ana Maiqués de Neuroelectrics

First Tuesday from home with Ana Maiques from Neuroelectrics

07.05.2020 743 veces
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First Tuesday from home with Ana Maiques from Neuroelectrics

On 5th May a new First Tuesday meeting took place. The benchmark meeting between entrepreneurs began a new series of remote interviews with leading actors in the ecosystem due to the exceptional situation caused by the health crisis of COVID-19.

On this occasion, the guest was the entrepreneur Ana Maiques, who is currently based in Boston, one of the leading healthcare hubs. Maiques is founder and CEO of StarLab and its spin-off Neuroelectrics, a company born in Barcelona where she works alongside her partner Giulio Ruffini. The innovative company Neuroelectrics seeks to alleviate neurological and neurodegenerative diseases through a pioneering methodology, by combining brain electrostimulation and machine learning. “Our goal is to transform science into products and services with impact. Our obsession is to do good science but take it to the market where it provides value.

Neuroelectrics can become a world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders or diseases related to the central nervous system. Its flagship product is the Starstim, a personalized brain reading and electrostimulation helmet based on mathematical models and data analysis.

After more than 14 years of research, Maiques highlights the need to evolve within your own company to maintain long-term motivation and, above all, not lose sight of why you started the company. “A company can give you many lives, the nice thing is knowing when to stop playing a role and knowing where the company needs you the most. It is the secret to being able to grow in your company in a long-term project. ”

For the past 5 years, the co-founders of Neuroelectrics have been in Boston developing their technology, although they continue to work at its headquarters in Barcelona. “The most difficult thing about having a company between Boston and Barcelona is managing the team. But, as always, the important thing is the people and although it has not always been easy, now we have the peace of mind of having a great team”.

She argues that the American experience has been key for the company, despite the fact that it maintains a global mindset that seeks to have an impact in many parts of the world. “As an entrepreneur there are moments when you have to take risks. We have managed to live our American adventure thanks to working very hard in a niche of excellence. We continue to give 100% every day. You can’t choose the pace: it pushes you into the competitiveness. In Spain we are not taught to compete as wildly as we compete in the United States.

I will always develop the software in Barcelona. There is a lot of scientific talent in Europe.” Regarding the retention of this talent, Maiques stressed that “it is essential that the project is aligned with what they are looking for. You have to sell yourself as an entrepreneur, retain them in an increasingly profitable and impactful company, especially with new generations”.

The entrepreneur is clear that the main mission of her technology is to reach everyone. “We want it to become home treatment“. About the future of the company, Maiques has something clear: “I consider all the solutions that bring technology to success, that is, to patients. For twenty years I have firmly believed that this can help and generate a positive impact”.

We wait for you in the next First Tuesday event.