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ESADE Alumni Startup Day, el día del ecosistema emprendedor

ESADE Alumni Startup Day, a day for the entrepreneurial ecosystem

15.04.2019 768 veces
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ESADE Alumni Startup Day, a day for the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Organised by ESADE Alumni and Banco Sabadell, on Aril 3rd the eighth edition of ESADE Alumni Startup Day was celebrated at ESADEFORUM, a very special day aimed at entrepreneurs, investors, students and the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. An event of particular interest for those people creating their own startup, for investors and for people who are passionate about innovation, yet also for people who want to keep up to date with what is happening in the entrepreneurial world.

Exoticca was granted the ‘Best Start-Up of the Year award’, by ESADE Alumni and Banco Sabadell BStartup, as part of the celebration of the event. Pere Vallès, CEO of Exoticca, highlighted that this award represented significant recognition “particularly taking into account that the names of winning companies in previous editions were all benchmark startups in the technology sector in Barcelona”. The startup specialises in long distance trips, and is also supported by Banco Sabadell, who has invested in its share capital through BStartup and Sabadell Venture Capital.

A day for the entrepreneurial ecosystem

The event started at 8.30 with a welcome speech and presentation by Xavier Sánchez, Director of ESADE Alumni, who then introduced Matins ESADE, with Laura Urquizu, CEO of Red Points.  The company is a leader in the detection and elimination of intellectual property infringements online, and it has headquarters in Barcelona and New York. Most recently, it has just closed a funding round for the amount of 38 million dollars aimed at expanding its leadership in the brand protection and intellectual property market.

After a short break, Xavier Sánchez and Carles Ventura, General Manager of Banco Sabadell, introduced the best startup of the year, an award which was granted to EXOTICCA this year, beating companies such as Wallapop, Wuaki.tv, Red Points, Kantox, Signaturit and Glovo. Amongst the reasons for granting this award to Exoticca, are the unique nature of the company, the optimisation of investment in marketing and the professionalism of the team.

Pere Vallès, CEO of Exoticca, highlighted in his thank you speech, the objective of this startup, which seeks to offers its customer exclusive travel experiences at competitive prices based on respect and admiration for other cultures, to foster collaboration with charitable organisations which support less fortunate regions all over the world. Headquartered in Barcelona, their international expansion has taken them to markets such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The next part of the event was the celebration of round table discussions, moderated by Regina Llopis, Chair of AIA Group and co-founder of WA4STEAM Women Angels 4 Science. Under the title “Stories of business growth thanks to Artificial Intelligence” (“Casos de crecimiento empresarial gracias a la Inteligencia Artificial”) the following people took part in the discussions:

  • Adrià Quintana, co-founder and CEO of FACTIC.
  • Javier de Oca, co-founder and CEO of IOMED.
  • Nacho Lafuente, founder and CEO of DATUMIZE.

Highlighting the main requirement as the creation of regulatory frameworks, concerns over ethical aspects of data stood out, as well as the challenge of transferring the benefits of AI on to people, as the results are not immediate, and it is a learning process.

The topic of the second round table was “The importance of the entrepreneurial team” (“La importancia del equipo emprendedor”) moderated by Yolanda Pérez, Director of  Banco Sabadell BStartup, in which the following people participated:

  • Marc Elena, founder and CEO of Adsmurai.
  • Xavi Beumala, founder of Marfeel.
  • María Martín, founder and CEO of Tiendeo.

Coinciding with the need to transform the educational model and lay the groundwork for future professions the need for business leadership was highlighted, and to educate people on the different types of companies, demystifying certain sectors.

Shortly after, the closing conference of the ESADE Alumni Startup Day was started, led by José Ignacio Latorre, professor of Theoretical Physics of the University of Barcelona, entitled Ready for a quantum future?

This brought an end to the eigth edition of the StartupDay, an event focused on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on entrepreneurs and business growth.