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Designable vencedora de SIConnect Valencia

Designable wins at SIConnect Valencia

04.03.2020 982 veces
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Designable wins at SIConnect Valencia

As part of Forinvest of Feria Valencia, the largest financial-business networking space in the country, a new edition of SIConnect Valencia took place on 3rd March with a meeting between investors and entrepreneurs organized by BStartup and VIT Emprende.

Startup Pitch 5+5

SIConnect Valencia started with the welcome ceremony, which was carried out by Javier Mateo, Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship at València Activa, and Ángel Buigues, BStartup Advisor at Banco Sabadell. After this act took place the presentation of the projects of the finalist startups.

  • Designable: it is a pioneering project in the design, construction and promotion of buildings in the centre of cities, and whose headquarters are in Valencia. It is a brand of buildings that places people at the centre of the process and as a result, each home is defined to the measure of each person and each family with a motto: “Your home, your oddities ”.
  • Idoneo: breaking with the establishment, it helps to find the best option among the largest renting offer on the market, allowing you to choose the installment to pay, change your vehicle every 3 years and making the task of finding the ideal vehicle easier.

The jury in charge of choosing the winning startup of SIConnect Valencia was formed by Victoria Majadas, from BigBan Angels, Inmaculada Bea, from IVF, and Margarita Albors, from Startup Valencia. After deliberation, Designable took the victory in this new edition.

#Conversaciones Connect

The conversation space, one of the key moments of SIConnect Valencia to learn from the experience of leading entrepreneurs, was led by José Miguel Rosell Tejada, Managing Partner of S2 Grupo, a leading Spanish company in the cybersecurity sector.

José Miguel Rosell commented that “the most difficult thing to undertake was to sell, because computer security did not exist and a need had to be created.” He also highlighted that “we have given way to intrapreneurship within the S2 Grupo to give way to the talent we have within the company and not lose focus on what we are really good at.”

The SIConnect Valencia activities program ended with a networking that allowed attendees to get to know each other and start new opportunities for their businesses or to establish new employment relationships.

We want to thank all the attendees and organizers of the SIConnect Valencia and we invite you not to miss the next event.