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Collaborative innovation

Banco Sabadell has an open and collaborative innovation model that aims to increase the rate of digital innovation in the bank thanks to the partnership with entrepreneurs opening up in areas related to the banking business.

Where can more synergies be found?

With start-ups in the digital environment whose business focus is applicable to the financial sector and, in particular, is related to the following areas:

  • Financial solutions: simplification of the use of digital services offered by financial institutions (payments, loans, investment, money management, insurance, etc.)
  • Big Data:solutions for capturing and exploiting data for personalising products and services.
  • Internet for Things: objects connected to the Internet, including wearable devices.
  • Machine learning: analytics, predictive systems and for analysis of the context for use of the services, etc.
  • Blockchain: optimisation of processes and new business models.
  • Responsible and social business: projects for digital services connected with corporate social responsibility.

How to participate?

If you want to get in touch with us would you kindly fill in and send us the following form, in which you can let us know what your interests are. After analysing this we will get in touch with you.