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BVenture 2019 llega a Bilbao los días 29 y 30 de octubre

BVenture 2019 arrived in Bilbao on 29th and 30th October

31.10.2019 417 veces
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BVenture 2019 arrived in Bilbao on 29th and 30th October

From its inception in 2013, BStartup has provided bank financing to innovative and technological companies amounting to more than 240 million euros. Moreover, it has incorporated 75 emerging companies into its portfolio, has acquired 2 fintech companies and has served over 3,000 customers at its specialised branches.

As a sign of its commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and for the fifth consecutive year, BStartup was present as a partner of BVenture Bilbao which took place in Palacio Euskalduna on 29th and 30th October. This platform connects startups, investors and corporations and constitutes the largest entrepreneurial event in the North, gathering more than 1,100 people in this edition.

BStartup’s three lines of action (branches specialising in startups, equity investments and collaborative innovation) offered advice on bank financing and investment to the numerous startups that attended BVenture Bilbao. In addition, attendees participated in different talks and practical workshops, as well as networking sessions.

Within the varied programme of talks, round tables, project presentations and workshops of BVenture Bilbao, on the 29thJose Manuel Carol, BStartup Operative Director, moderated the “What an investor values in your startup” panel with different key players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Gonzalo Tradacete, co-founder and CIO of the Faraday fund, Lalo García, Director of Conector Galicia and Nacho Orme, co-founder and CEO of StartupXplore.

The investment experts highlighted the essential factors that their investees must have. With a cross-cutting team as a clear pillar, the panel speakers highlighted the startups’ competitive advantage and communication as keys for the relationship to develop, bear fruit and prosper adequately. “We invest in teams, which must be balanced, and business acumen. The first thing we value is the business model and the competition. At later stages, we take a look at KPIs,” said Nacho Orme, co-founder and CEO of StartupXplore. “It is also very important that entrepreneurs know how to answer questions on investor metrics,” mentioned Lalo García, Director of Conector Galicia.

Gabriel López, Sectoral Director and Director of BStartup Northern Region, comments that “BVenture’s evolution also shows the evolution of the level of startups in the Basque Country, which are increasingly more scalable and at later stages in their development. Besides it is an excellent example of the support of both public and private institutions to technology companies.” Since its inception in 2015, BVenture has been a showcase for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Basque Country.