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Automated processes for customer acquisition, by Luis Font

09.07.2019 797 veces
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Automated processes for customer acquisition, by Luis Font

The Aula BStartup is a space in which entrepreneurs share their knowledge, experiences and objectives to reach the best possible result. On this occasion, Luis Font, executive coach, explains what are the automated processes for attracting customers that must be taken into account and when they must be applied.

We must bear in mind that it is possible to establish automated processes to attract customers, but with nuances. Because depending on the sector of each startup, there will always be a person who will be responsible for closing the sale.

In an e-commerce that has known products for sale, it is very easy to create an automatic procedure. But with the high ticket products, where the last phase of the sales procedure needs a person, a phone call or WhatsApp or a Chatbot, the process is also possible.

In these cases, the demand can be generated using SEO and SEM techniques to convince the client, for example, to use retargeting, and end with a phone call, a visit or a chat to close the sale with a client who has showed interest in the product.

In summary, it is possible to have an automation process. Although in some cases it can not be done 100%, it is possible to automate in certain phases. Discover the rest of the videos available in Aula BStartup.