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First Tuesday Barcelona 20 Aniversario con Luis Martin Cabiedes

20th Anniversary First Tuesday Barcelona with Luis Martin Cabiedes

10.10.2019 429 veces
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20th Anniversary First Tuesday Barcelona with Luis Martin Cabiedes

The international organization First Tuesday was born in London in 1998 and expanded to more than 100 cities in 18 countries. It was in 1999 when a group of Spanish entrepreneurs decided to join and launch the First Tuesday events in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia.

The entrepreneur and investor Carlos Blanco was one of the actors who ventured with First Tuesday meetings in Spain. These meetings continue to maintain their main objective: to share experiences, doubts and rely on their entrepreneurial processes.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this pioneering project, a special meeting was held on 8th October at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona with one of the most relevant guests in the First Tuesday story: Luis Martin Cabiedes.

Luis M. Cabiedes is part of Cabiedes & Partners, a company specialized in investments in early technology startups and one of the pioneer investors on the Internet.

Luis M. Cabiedes states that to bet on a project you need an essential ingredient: to be surprised. “There were a few years where the idea was important. Later, the stage came where the team was important, people who knew how to execute that idea. Now you have it, there are very good people in most of the teams. For me the important thing it is the competitive advantage, to be surprised when presenting their project and their execution plans. ”

Watch the entire session thanks to F. Iniciativas: